received_389174458084945Rampage for the Cure invites you to join us on March 25, 2017 at Elite Shooting Sports for the Todd Louis Green Memorial Shoot. Celebrate Todd’s life and contributions to the firearms industry with fellow friends and shooters the way Todd would love best! Attend seminars delivered by leaders in the industry, socialize and shoot an informal competition for bragging rights at this one-day event hosted by Todd’s wife, Kimberly Green and his two closest friends, Simon Golob and TK Ives.

We are proud to share that  Rampage for the Cure’s fundraising efforts will now be directed to a new partner – KCCure. KCCure is a charity co-founded by Todd’s oncologist, Dr. Hans Hammers, and Dena Battle, whose husband also lost his battle with Renal Cell Carcinoma. All funds raised go toward providing financial support to scientists via peer-reviewed grants to advance kidney cancer research to find a cure!

So, what are you waiting for?!?!


If you want to attend the event but not shoot, REGISTER TODAY ! And if you can’t join us but want to make a donation, you can do so here.

As Todd would say, train hard and stay safe!

And thanks in advance for your donation! Our prior fundraising efforts, which supported the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Research Center at Johns Hopkins University, raised over $35,000. This is where Todd had all of his surgeries and treatments. Since Dr. Hammers is no longer at Hopkins, we decided to shift our support to the charity he is involved with – KCCure.  While a cure could not be found in time to help Todd, he would have wanted the fight to continue. And so we are continuing the rampage and hope you will join us!

P.S.  And for those of you wondering where “Rampage for the Cure” comes from, Todd was a huge fan of the TV show Archer. Just Google  “Archer and rampage” and you’ll get it. :-)

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